Episode 120- Dr. Sam Frost Friday- To Infinity and Beyond

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Dr. Sam Frost sits in Giraffe Studio to begin discussing the issues he discovered in Full Preterism that caused him to leave. Some of the questions brought into the conversation was "Is God Infinite? Or is He eternal? Is there a distinction?" or when Jesus says "all that has been given to me I will raise at the last day, if all was fulfilled in AD 70, then is no one else getting raised?". We appreciate you listening to our podcast. Note: The Burros of Berea is a conversational podcast, not an ideological one. We are of differing points of view within our group and do our best to find common ground and love for one another. in regard to what we read and believe about the bible.Below are links to some of Sam Frost's works:Blog: https://vigi ... 

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