Episode 119- Side Study- What is the Garden of Eden Exactly?

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes
The Burros sit down in Giraffe Studio to discuss something in Genesis Chapters 1 and 2 that is driving Rick Welch bananas. Although this episode is releasing after our conversation about the pluperfect tense of words found in the Bible with Dr. Sam Frost, Rick brings up an issue regarding the English translation that can easily shift the meaning of a doctrinal position. Genesis 1 states that man was made on Day 6. Yet, in Chapter 2 we see that the man was formed before any "shrub" of the field had sprung up. By reading it straightforward it seems that the man was actually formed on Day 3. To some this may seem like an easy thing to resolve. However, then we see animals and birds being formed out of sequence to alleviate the man's loneliness. The point being made is that direct word for word translation without the understanding of the tenses or the  ...   ...  Read more
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