Episode 99- Notes From the Underground- Ruth- Part 2

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Tiziana is back in the studio with Andy, Rick and guest Michael Miano to discuss the first chapter of Ruth. Now that they have given a cultural and contextual basis for the book, they get into the narrative itself. After leaving Bethlehem due to a famine, Naomi and her family move to Moab. Naomi's sons marry Moabite women and soon die along with their father. Naomi, heartbroken and bitter, tells her daughters in law to leave and go find husbands. One leaves, but Ruth is determined to stay. They return to Bethlehem penniless and in need. Ruth, still determined to help her mother in law, begins to glean from the fields of a man named Boaz. Thanks for listening! If you'd like to support our podcast please visit: www.patreon.com/theburrosofberea or our website at:

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