Episode 93- Testimonies- Pastor Michael Miano- The Desires of Your Heart

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

Pastor Michael Miano of Blue Point Bible Church of Long Island, New York joins the Burros in Giraffe Studio to share his personal testimony! Growing up with the absence of a father, his mother in and out of jail, and forced to figure out life on his own, Mike made the decision in his youth to join a gang. After being in and out of jail several times, he eventually was sent to prison. During his time there, he began a search for meaning in his life which led him to studying Islam. It would be during this time that a fellow prisoner named Paul would share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him. This radically changed his life and he began to read the Bible constantly during his prison term. After prison he entered into Seminary school, began preaching from his garage to neighbors and would eventually be called to a congregation. It's a touching story  ... 

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