Episode 171- Testimonies- Dr. Craig Olson- Digging into the Past

The Burros of Berea Podcast by Rick Welch

Episode notes

This week we listen to the testimony of Dr. Craig Olson, author of How Old Was Father Abraham; The Genesis Lifespans in Light of Archaeology. A native of New Zealand, Dr. Olson takes us on his journey of being raised in the Plymouth Brethren, then getting involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. Later he would come to the United States and begin his educational work, earning his doctorate at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Olson has taught the bible for over three decades in New Zealand, Asia and the United States. He currently teaches at Trinity Southwest University and Veritas International University. He has written academic papers on Biblical Archaeology, the long lifespans in Genesis, and the Patriarchal Chronology.

Here is a link to his book:

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