Empowering (You)th Podcast

by Brett Johnston + BUY board

Building Utah Youth (BUY), a non­profit organization, was established in 2007 by area companies in Northern Utah to provide powerful leadership training to the youth of our communities. BUY strongly believes that the investment in our youth will positively and powerfully impact our families, communities, and businesses. What each individual learns about themselves in relation to who they can truly become provides them with a sk ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Dallas & Spencer Moulton

    Dallas & Spencer Moulton

    Get ready for an inspiring father-son chat with Dallas and Spencer Moulton about their participation in the BUY classes and how it is impacted their lives.

  • Maesa Whitaker

    Maesa Whitaker

    Maesa is the daughter or Mike Whitaker, one of the founding members of Building Utah Youth and one of our board members. Her journey is an inspiring one. Come along as we sit down to discuss her life growing up, her family's influence and how BUY has changed her life!

  • Hannah Wagner

    Hannah Wagner

    It's Hannah's turn at the mic for this episode to talk us through her life before, during and after going through training with Building Utah Youth and Rapport International.

  • Marisa Reardon

    Marisa Reardon

    Marisa is joined by her husband Kyle as she sits down with Brett Johnston and JJ Chojnowski.

  • JJ Chojnowski

    JJ Chojnowski

    BUY Board Member JJ Chojnowski opens up in this episode to talk about his life story, how his involvement with our charity transforms his life, and about his WHY in life.