Building Better: The SIPs Revolution

by Gabriel Grossman

Step into the world of sustainable construction with "Building Better," the podcast dedicated to demystifying Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Construction. Each episode, we delve into the essentials of SIPs, welcoming a diverse array of industry professionals and experts to share their insights.

Your host, Gabriel Grossman, isn't just a SIPs aficionado; he's an entrepreneur who launched Preflex, his own SIP manufact ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • City Planning With Coby Lefkowitz

    City Planning With Coby Lefkowitz

    In this insightful episode, Coby Lefkowitz dives into the world of city planning and explores how SIPs are paving the way for the future of construction. Discover the transformative potential of Structural Insulated Panels in urban development. Learn more at: Follow Coby:

  • SIPs Structural Performance

    SIPs Structural Performance

    Today, we dive into SIP Structural Performance with Troy Leistiko, a structural engineer licensed in 36 states and a SIP aficionado. With over 30 years dedicated to innovative, sustainable structural design in education buildings and luxury homes, Troy brings unparalleled expertise in SIPs. We'll compare the structural integrity of SIPs and traditional stick frame, delve into their resilience during natural disasters, and explore the heights achievable with SIP construction. Get ready for a deep dive into the strength of building with SIPs!

  • The Preflex Story

    The Preflex Story

    On this episode, Gabriel joins us from the other side of the mic to tell us about his journey and the Preflex story. You can find us on LinkedIn and Instagram: @PreflexBuildings Visit: for more info.

  • Is Energy Efficiency the Future of Real Estate?

    Is Energy Efficiency the Future of Real Estate?

    In this episode, we are joined by Jack Armstrong, Executive Director of the Structural Insulated Panels Association (SIPA), to discuss everything about Energy Efficiency and High-Performance Structures. 'What's R-Value? Do I really save money on electricity? What is a Net-zero ready home?' All these questions and more will be answered in this episode.

  • SIPs 101: Everything you need to know

    SIPs 101: Everything you need to know

    In this thrilling episode, we're joined by none other than Al Cobb, the technical maestro behind Preflex SIPs. With over three decades of SIPs mastery, Al is the go-to consultant for businesses nationwide, championing the SIP revolution. We'll tackle the fundamental queries head-on: What exactly are SIPs? How do they transform the construction process? What revolutionary benefits do they bring to the table? Al's rich expertise will peel back the layers of SIPs, offering listeners an exclusive tour of their impact, application, and potential. But that's just the start! We're unpacking the A to Z of SIPs, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the future of construction. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, prepare for an episode packed with insights that could redefine how you build. Tune in and join the conversation that's building a smarter, more sustainable world. SIPs Online Training: