Behind the Yellow Line: A Chicago Cubs Podcast

by Jeremy Spector Ronan O'Shea and Randall Sanders

A view of Cubs baseball from a few square feet of worn concrete

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Episode 133: Bellinger's Back

    Episode 133: Bellinger's Back

    Cody Bellinger has returned to the Cubs in free agency, and the crew breaks down the contract, the money, the roster implications, and the vibes. Other notes from the first week of spring training, WAR over/under for Cubs outfielders Ian Happ, Cody Bellinger, Seiya Suzuki, Pete Crow-Armstrong, and Mike Tauchman, new insight on the issues with MLB's jerseys, and more.

  • Episode 132: Camp Counsell

    Episode 132: Camp Counsell

    The first Cubs spring training camp under the auspices of Craig Counsell has begun. The crew breaks down what to watch for this spring, including the addition of new reliever Héctor Neris. Notable players represented by one agent have yet to sign, including some pertinent to the Cubs. Is ownership solely to blame for their continued free agency? Also, the team on the South Side wants a boatload of public money for a new ballpark - should they get it?

  • Episode 131: Tension

    Episode 131: Tension

    All three hosts are present for the first time in 2024! After glowing reviews of the Shōta Imanaga signing in the previous edition, could there be greater causes for concern as well? Also, news to come out of Cubs Convention, as two franchise legends are announced as inductees to the team Hall of Fame, and one free agent name dominates the discussion throughout the weekend.

  • Episode 130: Shō Me The Money

    Episode 130: Shō Me The Money

    Randall and Jeremy break the holiday hiatus to discuss the soon-to-be newest member of the Cubs, Japanese left-handed pitcher Shōta Imanaga. We have you covered on the contract details, the scouting report, his fit in the rotation, and more. And with Imanaga in the fold, where does the front office go from here at this late date in the offseason?

  • Episode 129: It's Time To Be A Cub

    Episode 129: It's Time To Be A Cub

    Craig Counsell is introduced as the newest manager of the Cubs: what stood out from his introduction, and has it moved the needle at all for the pod's stalwart hater? Elsewhere, the Cubs add three minor league prospects to the 40-man roster, and make their moves at the non-tender deadline. Around the league, the MLB awards are announced, an All-Star Game is awarded, and the Oakland Athletics move one step closer to relocation.