New preschool coming Fall 2023 at Sulphur Rock campus

BSD - Pioneer Update by Megan Renihan
BSD's Communications Coordinator, Megan Renihan, talks about the huge news and expansion for child care.BSD is adding approximately 100 slots for infant and toddler care at the Sulphur Rock campus (480 Main St, Sulphur Rock, AR 72579)Check out the website page of the Sulphur Rock PreschoolMrs. Melissa Mergy will be in charge of the progra  ...  See more
Mar 16 2023

Well, good morning and welcome to Pioneer Update brought to you by the Citizens Bank a bank built for you as we get caught
Up on what is happening at the Batesville School District. We're being joined by the Communications Coordinator for the school district, Megan Renihan.
How are you today?
I'm doing well Wes. How are you doing? Good the weekend didn't last long enough
But hey, we're on into Monday and that means there's some big news at four at the Batesville School District. Tell us a bit about it
Yes, that's right Wes. So we are so excited to announce that the Batesville School District will be adding
a hundred slots for our infant and toddler care program at our
Sulphur Rock campus miss Melissa
Mergy is actually going to be in charge of that and we're just so excited to be able to pr

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