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A bunch of degenerates talking like they understand anything. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E50 - #50 Shades of Great

    S02 E50 - #50 Shades of GreatExplicit

    This week, Anthony wants justice for muppets, Juice hates culture, Carl names states, Matt wants to know where the line ends, and Kyle isn't good at games.

  • S02 E49 - #49 Got Milk?

    S02 E49 - #49 Got Milk?Explicit

    This week we are in an all new studio, Juice wants some shoes, Carl headbutts someone, Matt has an idea, and Anthony knurls some knobs.

  • S02 E48 - #48 The Gangs All Here

    S02 E48 - #48 The Gangs All HereExplicit

    The triumphant return of Juice. This week, Juice explains his absence, Matt picks flowers, Carl seen a painting, and Anthony doesn't know who sings things.

  • S02 E47 - #47 No More Monkeying Around

    S02 E47 - #47 No More Monkeying AroundExplicit

    Kyles still here. This week Carl gets yelled at, Matt salutes a monkey, Kyle saw a camel once, and Anthony wants to make a movie.

  • S02 E46 - #46 You're A Lizard Harry

    S02 E46 - #46 You're A Lizard HarryExplicit

    This week, we start with 2 hosts and end with 5 people. Matt teaches us about stoned apes, Carl explains how polar bears smell, Anthony pays homage to a lizard, Megan and Kyle join to play a game.