BRIDGES Podcast Series #3 - How do migration narratives impact EU policymaking?

BRIDGES Podcast Series by BRIDGES Migration

Episode notes

Migration has become a key issue in electoral campaigns all across Europe. The 2024 elections to the European Parliament will be no exception to this. By framing migration as a key threat to our security, far-right parties seek to gain more seats in the European Parliament. In this podcast, we will put the European election in perspective. We will discuss more generally about how migration narratives play out in Brussels. What kind of migration narratives are dominant in the EU? And how to they actually influence EU policy-making processes?  

These are some of the questions that will be tackled in this third programme of BRIDGES Podcast Series, which counts on the participation of expert Florian Trauner, co-director of the VUB’s Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Migration and Minorities (BIRMM-VUB) and member o ... 

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