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by Bridge Alliance

We hope you enjoy a variety of content on our "To Build a Bridge" channel, featuring stories about people who are working to protect and strengthen our democratic republic. the Bridge Alliance. Bridge Alliance is an organization dedicated to providing resources to non profits involved in democracy reform, otherwise known as the Healthy Self Governance Movement.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Fierce Civility: when and how to use it

    Fierce Civility: when and how to use it

    How can we face our fears as individuals and as a nation to move forward without tearing the country apart? In this unusual interview about a new book, "Fierce Civility," author Joe Weston speaks with David Leaverton, a resident of Nashville, TN just days after a deadly mass shooting. Debilyn Molineaux moderates the conversation to help uncover how every day people can use their own fierce civility for protecting those they love without adding to the toxic polarization.

  • Collage: The Promise of Black History Month

    Collage: The Promise of Black History Month

    Welcome to the first episode of the Collage podcast hosted by Rev. Dr. F. Willis Johnson, Jr. In episode one, Dr. Johnson discusses the promise of Black History Month.

  • Season 2

  • To Build on Gratitude w/ Louie Schwartzberg

    To Build on Gratitude w/ Louie Schwartzberg

    The Bridge Alliance community was founded on many principles, one being that there is no one solution to fixing our democracy and society. But rather, it will take the efforts and perspectives of everyone to create a just and balanced country. Aside from infrastructure and policy changes, there’s work to be done to the characteristics of our humanity as well. Louie Schwartzberg is an award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer who just released a documentary about how an increase in gratitude practices could change the way we interact within one another, creating a healthier culture. I got the opportunity to sit with him to discuss the film and how gratitude might help us fix our democracy as well. To view the film and learn more bout World Gratitude Day, visit

  • To Critically Think About Censorship

    To Critically Think About Censorship

    Healthy Self Governance leaders Debilyn Molineaux of Bridge Alliance, Ivan Douglass Hicks of The Ministerium and Pearce Godwin of the Listen First Coalition sit down to discuss critical race theory in the U.S and censorship culture over history and diverse perspectives.

  • To Start a Podcast

    To Start a Podcast

    As we are deep into the age of digital information, podcasts have easily become a society favorite when wanting to learn about...well anything. So many people are tuned into podcasts on a daily basis, it only makes sense for organizations who want to expand and amplify their message to offer podcasts to their supporters. Despite how smooth and effortless podcasts sound in their final form, recording, publishing and maintaining a podcast isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’m here with Jenna Spinelle and Brandon Stover of The Democracy group, to discuss their experience in the podcast industry, the benefits of having a podcast and some best practices for nonprofits to start and/or maximize their podcasts.