S01 E11 - Leveraging Privilege To Advance Equity

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“There's freedom of speech, right? Whether, what some people want to say, whether I wanna hear it, whether others wanna hear it. I think that our country's built on the freedom to say, even very stupid things.”Words from Dr. Lori Sundberg, the president at Kirkwood Community College, nationally renowned community college in Iowa.Dr. Sunbe  ...  See more
May 02 2023

There's freedom of speech, right? And whether, whether what some people want to say, whether
I want to hear it, whether others want to hear it, I think that there's hate speech, of course.
But our country's built on the freedom to say even very stupid things.
Hey, it's Breaking Barriers, the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging podcast.
We're here for real talk. We're not afraid to go there. And we want you to come away emboldened
and energized to take action and make change. We believe our diversity, our differences when
joined together by a common set of ideals makes us stronger. When I set out to help someone,
it is my intention to do just that. I'm not trying to do anything other than meet somebody
at their humanity. Your world has changed, but your dreams shouldn't have to. That

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