Leveraging Privilege To Advance Equity

Breaking Barriers: The DEI&B Podcast | Top RANK by Top RANK Talent Solutions

Episode notes
“There's freedom of speech, right? Whether, what some people want to say, whether I wanna hear it, whether others wanna hear it. I think that our country's built on the freedom to say, even very stupid things.”Words from Dr. Lori Sundberg, the president at Kirkwood Community College, nationally renowned community college in Iowa.Dr. Sunberg, who is a first-generation college graduate, holds a Doctorate of Business Administration Management from St. Mary's University. During our conversation we focus on the importance of freedom of speech, hate speech, and how diversity can impact us.Dr. Sunberg shares her experience as a female in a leadership role and how she values her privilege, which she uses to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. She grew up in poverty with parents w ...   ...  Read more