S01 E08 - Exploring the Impact of Race on Diversity in the Workplace

Breaking Barriers: The DEI&B Podcast | Top RANK by Top RANK Talent Solutions
Join the Top RANK Culture Team as they dive into an insightful and engaging conversation with the incredible Daniela (Dani) Herrera! In this video, you'll get a closer look at the journey of an award-winning EDI professional and the inspiring story of Dani, a career coach and content creator with a passion for diversity, equity, and inclu  ...  See more
Mar 30 2023

So whenever that happens, what I try to do is put together as much data as I can and
build a story around that data that shows them exactly what is it that they're missing
out on.
Because it's, yes, I mean, you could be gaining a lot, but for some business leaders, it's
about like what you're missing out on.
You're missing out on attracting talent, you're missing out on selling your product to the
audience that you want, you're missing out on retaining your talent.
And it's instead of saying like, you know what, like if you were going to do that, like
you are going to be able to hire more people or whatever that is.
And for whatever reason, and that's like human psychology.
Hey, it's Breaking Barriers, the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging podcast.
We're here for real talk.

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