Driving Change with Justice Tech TurnSignl - Innovating for Safer Police Interactions and Social Justice

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Episode notes

In this episode, we had the privilege of having an inspiring conversation with the founders of TurnSignl, an innovative tech company that's making waves in the social justice space.

Jazz Hampton, Andre Creighton, and Michael are three Black men who decided to use their skills and backgrounds in law, finance, and technology to create a platform that could truly impact and change the institution of fair and transparent policing.

TurnSignl is a Minnesota-based tech company that provides real-time legal guidance from an attorney to drivers during traffic stops, all while their camera records the interaction. This brilliant idea was born out of the tragic loss of Philando Castile–who the founders knew personally—and the global outcry following the death of George Floyd. The founders saw a need for a tangible solution to make interactions  ... 

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