| Critical Corner | Relig, Cult Life, a Micro Possession and More!

Brazen Radio by Nina S

Episode notes

Welcome to Brazen Radios First Critical Corner Conversation.

Joining us for this convo is my friend Toni <3 Ya'll remember her right? Lungs of steel? Well we decided to have a walk about, a test run for Critical Corner as a conversation of ideas and real life experiences vs a monologue by moi.

The conversation is exploratory from religion. lost rituals, bystander effect, some goss about cult life and cult exits peppered with a few real life stories from Toni. Lets just say, we're glad she's out here and able to speak on it so light heartedly.

So glad we bit the bullette (bullet but with ette'). Thank you to Toni for being so open and agreeing to talk some ish with me on the record.

For everyone listening, thank you so so much for your time. I hope you decide to reach out, like right now and let me know your feels! Soul  ... 

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