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Join the BCI Guys (Colin Fausnaught and Harrison Canning) as they discuss all things Neurotechnology! Brain Stream will cover a wide range of topics in Neurotechnology, ranging from ethics to cutting edge technology. Join us as we explore a wide range of topics and discuss the future of the field! Future episodes will feature prominent figures in the Neurotechnology field, so make sure you subscribe to us on Stitcher, Google Pl ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Ultrasonic Brain Computer Interfaces with Dr. Sumner Norman

    Ultrasonic Brain Computer Interfaces with Dr. Sumner Norman

    In this episode of the BrainStream podcast, host Harrison delves deep into the world of ultrasonic brain implants with Dr. Sumner Norman, CEO and co-founder of Forest Neurotech. Dr. Norman, a pioneer in neurotechnology, shares his journey from a background in physics and mechanical engineering to leading innovations in ultrasound for neuromodulation, neuroimaging, and brain-computer interfaces. With a rich academic history from the University of Utah to UC Irvine and a postdoc at Caltech, Dr. Norman's expertise in building ultrasound devices offers a glimpse into the potential of ultrasonic technology to revolutionize how we interact with our brains. The conversation explores the science behind using ultrasound in the brain, its clinical applications, and the ethical considerations of developing these technologies. From the technical challenges of penetrating the skull with ultrasound waves to the potential for creating non-invasive, high-resolution brain interfaces, Dr. Norman discusses the disruptive potential of ultrasonic neurotech and the recent advancements made by his organization, including a significant partnership with Butterfly Network. Listeners will gain insight into the future of neurotechnology, the interdisciplinary approach required to push the boundaries of what's possible, and the ethical framework guiding the development of technologies that could profoundly impact human cognition and rehabilitation. Join us for an enlightening discussion on the forefront of brain science and innovation. -- Dr. Norman's Website: Forest Neurotech's Website: Dr. Norman's LinkedIn: Dr. Norman's Twitter/X: -- Produced by Neuron Labs LLC --

  • Ep.8 The Future of Biohybrid Neural Interfaces with Dr. Amy Rochford

    Ep.8 The Future of Biohybrid Neural Interfaces with Dr. Amy Rochford

    In this episode of the Brainstorm Podcast, I was joined by Dr. Amy Rochford, a groundbreaking figure in the field of biohybrid neural interfaces. Dr. Rochford, with an impressive academic background from Cardiff University, University College London, the University of Cambridge, and Science Corp, brings her expertise in combining human stem cells with traditional electrical neural interfaces. Currently a key member of the technical team at Science Corporation, she shares her journey from academia to industry, focusing on neurotechnology's potential to transform treatments for brain and nervous system injuries. Dr. Rochford provides an in-depth look at her pioneering work in biohybrid interfaces, explaining how these systems bridge biological and artificial components for improved communication pathways between the nervous system and external devices. Her discussion covers the challenges and breakthroughs in developing these interfaces, particularly their application in peripheral nerve injuries. The episode also delves into her current projects at Science Corporation, including the development of retinal visual prostheses and the exciting prospects of biohybrid technologies in clinical applications. For anyone fascinated by the intersection of biology, technology, and neuroengineering, this episode offers a glimpse into the future of biohybrid neural interfaces and their potential to revolutionize medical treatments. Links: Dr. Amy Rochford's LinkedIn: Twitter (X): Science Corporation's Website: Dr. Rochford's Papers: #brainstream #podcast #neuroscience

  • From Paralysis to Possibility: James Johnson on Participating in Cutting-Edge Neurotech Research

    From Paralysis to Possibility: James Johnson on Participating in Cutting-Edge Neurotech Research

    In this episode, we spoke with James Johnson about his experience of using an implantable brain-computer interface as a participant in cutting-edge neurotech research and about life after a spinal cord injury. James is a truly extraordinary person. As you'll learn, from the time he put his life on the line while volunteering as a young boy, through his career as a medical professional, James has led a life of service and compassion for his community. So much so that even after being paralyzed from a paramotor accident in 2017, he still sought out things he could do to help others. That's why he jumped at the chance to participate in BCI research even though it required him to get multiple brain surgeries. Using his device, he's been able to make art, use a computer, play video games, and even drive a vehicle. He hopes that his participation and hard work will pave the way for medical BCIs to go into production so that others with spinal cord injuries will get access to these amazing technologies.

  • Brain Stream Ep. 6: Brainamics

    Brain Stream Ep. 6: Brainamics

    This week on the Brain Stream we spoke to Vlad Samoilov & Philipp Zent from Brainamics. Brainamics is a neurotech startup from the Technical University of Munich. They make a unique technology framework that enables the extraction of emotions directly from the human brain. To do that, Brainamics uses Electroencephalograms (EEG) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms The commercial starting point was the gaming industry, where game developers use the insights into the psychology and user experience of their gamers to optimize their gameplay. The vision of Brainamics however reaches way beyond that. With the existing emotion extraction technology, many more digital entertainment use cases can be exploited and thanks to the multimodal biometric data that is collected along the way, Brainamics will be able to develop further groundbreaking technologies in the space of neurotechnology. Links from this episode: Brainamics Website: Brainamics LinkedIn: Support Us: Follow us on Social Media! Twitter:​​ Instagram:​​ Website: YouTube:

  • Brain Stream Ep. 5: Brains@Play

    Brain Stream Ep. 5: Brains@Play

    We spoke to Garret Flynn & Joshua Brewster from Brains@Play on the importance of developing open-source brain sensing tools that work across different devices. Brains@Play is developing open-source (AGPLv3) brain and biomedical sensing tools with modern web technologies and low-cost IoT hardware. Brains@Play are helping pave the way for future community-led health technologies, and we’re so excited to have had this time to chat with them! Links from this episode: Brains@Play Website: Brains@Play LinkedIn: Support Us: Follow us on Social Media! Twitter:​​ Instagram:​​ Website: YouTube: