TMS Brain Power Podcast

by Maxwell Hand

We are a TMS Brain Health Clinic looking to provide information on what transcranial magnetic stimulation is. BrainStim TMS Centers is our new company located in Southern California. It is important for us to provide accurate and helpful information for people looking for information on alternative forms of therapy.

Podcast episodes

  • ASD and Tech talk

    ASD and Tech talk

    Join me in a discussion on the interesting world of autism spectrum disorder and how TMS may be able to make a difference. TMS is constantly changing and BrainStim Centers is here to learn and adapt along the way. Enjoy and hopefully learn something new today. You can find more information at

  • Electrophysiology, EEGs, and your Brain

    Electrophysiology, EEGs, and your Brain

    Electricity is in the air, and I am bringing you some wonderful info on how electrophysiology and EEGs work. Stop by and take a listen to learn something new with me. Hope you enjoy. Leave us a comment at

  • TMS vs Medication Working In Your Brain

    TMS vs Medication Working In Your Brain

    Hello and welcome back to another installment of the Brain Power Podcast. Today we discuss and compare how medication versus TMS affects your brain. Stay and listen if you want to learn something new!

  • Neuroplasticity and Clinic updates

    Neuroplasticity and Clinic updates

    Long time no see! Come join me for another fun adventure into your brain and how it works. Today I am going over the basics of neuroplasticity. At the end of this episode I will be covering some changes and exciting new updates happening at BrainStim Centers.

  • What to Expect Before and on Your First Day

    What to Expect Before and on Your First Day

    We hope you are enjoying the series so far. This episode touches on what you should expect after you have been approved for TMS therapy. Come join me and learn all about what happens on your first day of treatment.