Townhall #024: Botto at NFC Lisbon, Tipping VP & POL Ideas, and New Voting Interface Testing

Botto Talks by BottoDAO

Episode notes

In this townhall, we discuss the excitement for NFC Lisbon and Botto's p5.js Solo Show and panel on "Mapping AI Art" with Verse at Frieze Galleries in London. Upcoming proposals are highlighted, including the VP reset BIP and increased VP generation for LP staking. DAO members share ideas around tipping VP to enhance multiplayer experiences and "productize" the curator competitions on the new Botto site, alongside Sync’s suggestion on locking protocol-owned liquidity to link Botto's cultural footprint to DeFi. We also remind everyone about the new voting interface being out for testing as a decentralized contribution. Tune in to hear more from DAO members including choobie, paarad, calebs, and sync.

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