Booze, Booms & Busts: Episode #85 – A long forgotten journey

Booze, Booms & Busts by Sam Volkering & Boaz Shoshan

Episode notes

It's been seven hour and 15 days...oops sorry wrong podcast. It's been five weeks and two days since we took your love away, since we did a Booze, Booms & Busts. But we are back and oh boy! has there been a lot going on. From crypto "Red Notices" to tax cuts for the rich and famous to degen bond traders and a boom in British manufacturing. What are we bullish and bearish on? What makes She Hulk so bad, and what oh what are we to make of the economy, inflation, rates and beer right now? So much to cover, one hour of your life to give us. Grab a tinnie and just do it!

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