'Bone Up'

by Dr Richie Abel (PhD) and Prof David Armstrong (MD)

The first UK podcast about all matters of bone health. Prof David Armstrong (MD) and Dr Richard Abel (PhD) will discuss bone health, bone disease and how we and our bones can live longer happier, and healthier lives. Patients, clinicians and scientists alike will all love the cast! Credits: Jingle by Jonny Fitch BMus Cover art by James Armstrong

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Super orthogeriatrician - this time it's personal!

    Super orthogeriatrician - this time it's personal!

    The lads talked to Dr. Madhavi Vindlacheruvu about frailty and osteoporosis. We discussed what frailty is and how it can be diagnosed, as well as the patient-centred care developed and practiced by the teams at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. Pre- and post-fracture care is more complex than you would think in geriatric patients. Dr Madhavi is a consultant orthogeriatrican at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and Clinical lead for National Hip Fracture Database, and the Fracture Liaison Services at the trust

  • Bone health in teenagers and young adults

    Bone health in teenagers and young adults

    The lads talk to Dr Jennie Walsh about bone health in teenager years and young adults. We discussed how doctors asses and treat low bone density in young people. We also talked about the effect of eating disorders on bone health. Dr Walsh is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Metabolic Bone Centre at the University of Sheffield.

  • Basic bone science

    Basic bone science

    The lads talk to each other and David chats to Richie about his research into bone quality at Imperial College London. Hear about how air pollution can cause osteoporosis, why ballet dancers get stress fractures and everything you wanted to know about nanoscale bone health in this month’s episode of BoneUp the podcast.

  • Nothing about us without us

    Nothing about us without us

    The lads talked to Dr Jarod Wong about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and new research for developing international management guidelines. Dr Wong is using a mixed methods approach to include patients and their families in the design of new management strategies.

  • BoneUP Live @ ECTS 2023 - Part 2

    BoneUP Live @ ECTS 2023 - Part 2

    The lads went to Liverpool for the European Calcified Tissue Society annual meeting in 2023. A huge collection of bone scientists creating basic and clinical research. Join us for a fascinating insight into what's hot in bone research now!Every guest received an iconic and rare BoneUp Live mug!