Ep. 8 THE GRAVEDIGGER PART ONE (plus weird TV premises)

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Episode notes

Hello! Perhaps you are stuck in your homes right now, and we are here to remind you that at least you are not STUCK IN YOUR CAR! UNDERGROUND!! BURIED BY A SERIAL KILLER WHOSE IDENTITY IS SO MYSTERIOUS THAT THE BONES WRITERS DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT!!! That's right, this week we watched one of the all-time great Bones episodes, "Aliens in a Spaceship," a.k.a the one where The Gravedigger buries Hodgins and Bones alive. We also introduce a new game, which will surely be an international success.

Timecodes in case you would like to skip right to the episode discussion:

0:00 - 32:39 - TV Talk and "How Did This Get Greenlit?" (WT)

32:39 - 1:28:20 - Gravedigger Discussion (Pt. 1)


  • continued apologies for the potato sound quality, we continue to lack access to our regular equipment!

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