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Welcome to the Bonafide Moto Show, brought to you by Bonafide Moto Co - The Experience Generators. Normally, we're out on our motorcycles, or in our 4X4's travelling across Sub-Saharan Africa - sharing our beautiful part of the world with friends, and future friends...but this is where you can listen in online, to hear about those stories, get to know our fellow adventurers and have a good laugh with some friends around a virtu... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E29 - Ian Thomson (Too Much Wifi)

    S01 E29 - Ian Thomson (Too Much Wifi)

    TooMuchWifi delivers affordable premium internet to homes and businesses in underserved urban communities. We like this strategy, and support Internet for Everyone.... also, Motorcycles for Everyone.

  • S01 E28 - Thomas Ferreira (Just Like Papa)

    S01 E28 - Thomas Ferreira (Just Like Papa)

    ‘Just Like Papa’ is a concept born out of a love for adventure and a deeply routed passion for self-reliance. Therefore, it'd be fitting to have them on Episode 28 of the Bonafide Moto Show - let's just say, we're pretty aligned. ...

  • S01 E27 - Ernie "EDUB" Vigil

    S01 E27 - Ernie "EDUB" Vigil

    "Ernie Vigil - ripper of all two wheels." No truer words could be said about Ernie, he's ridden every kind of motorcycle you can imagine, with great skill and style as a professional freestyle and stunt rider. Ernie is a Team Tri...

  • S01 E26 - Matias Corea (Two Wheels South)

    S01 E26 - Matias Corea (Two Wheels South)

    Two Wheel South - A motorcycle Journey from Brooklyn to Patagonia, written by Matias Corea, who was previously more commonly known as the Founder of Behance. Matias Corea & Joel Estopà embarked on one hell of a journey, in search ...

  • S01 E25 - Michael Woolaway (Woolie's Workshop)

    S01 E25 - Michael Woolaway (Woolie's Workshop)

    Previously commanding Woolie’s Workshop at Deus Ex Machina in Venice Beach, Michael "Woolie" Woolaway is a natural born gear head! Hawaiian born, California raised - this builder has been taking things apart and putting them back ...