Welcome to Bloom & Grow

Bloom and Grow with Liz Fiedler by Liz Fiedler

Episode notes

Welcome to the Bloom & Grow podcast where we share stories of those who have grown through grief and break down barriers that isolate us in those challenging parts of our lives. We know that time doesn’t heal, but intention does. There isn’t a before and after in grief, but we grow through it – many days more difficult than others. People often don’t know what to say to a young widow, and talking about grief makes people uncomfortable.

The weight of grief doesn’t get any lighter, but we can get better at carrying it.

This podcast isn’t just for those going through something sad or difficult, but also for those who know someone who is by sharing tips and perspectives in how to be a better support for our loved ones that are grieving.

I’m your host Liz Fiedler and thanks for blooming and growing with us.