E41 - A Chat with Nina From Terkel

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
In this episode, I'm chatting with the amazing Nina from Terkel.ioIf you have been listening to this podcast for a while, you know I was a huge advocate of HARO - aka Help a Reporter Out. Well, as of late I've become pretty frustrated with the amount of spam on the website and I went looking for an alternative.Luckily, Isaac Mashman of Ma  ...  See more
Feb 03 2023

Welcome to the Bloggy Friends show!
What's up my Bloggy Friends? Famous Ashley Grant here and I just want to welcome you to the Bloggy Friends show.
We're so excited to have you join us on this journey of sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.
Whether you're a blogger, a content creator, or just someone who's interested in learning more about the digital world, we've got something for you.
So grab your notebook and a pen to take some notes or just sit back and take in all the amazing information and ideas we're about to share with you.
Let's get into it.
Well, Nina, welcome to the show. I'm so excited that you could be here. Could you do me a favor and tell me what it is that you do?
Sure. Thanks for having me, first of all. I'm Nina and I am the VP of Marketing at Turkle.
Wow. So

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