E30 - Social Media and Community Building with Caroline Bjorkquist of RunRX

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
In this episode, I chat with Coach Caroline Bjorkquist of RunRX about social media and community building. We also discuss the idea that how you do blogging, is how you do everything. Learn what I mean by tuning in now!Helpful Links:How to Start a Blog in 7 StepsHow Being a Podcast Guest Can Build Your Brand & Business101 Ideas to Make Mo  ...  See more
Apr 30 2022

Welcome to the Bloggy Friends show!
What's up, Bloggy Friends?
Famous Ashley Grant here.
I'm so excited because I have Coach Caroline from RunRx here today.
Caroline, welcome to the show!
Hey, Ashley!
So tell us a little bit about your website and what it is that you do.
So me and my partner have a website, RunRx.fit.
She is a running coach.
She teaches technique, so how to actually run correctly.
And there is a correct way to run.
I am her business partner and I started with her mostly because I just knew the backend
and I knew she had a fantastic product and I wanted to share it.
I'm a recovering runner.
When I met her, both of my knees scoped not from running, just from old age and having
young puppy dogs.
I've got Dalmatians and they just happened to take me on the wrong side of my kne

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