E29 - How Grumpy Olive Came To Be With Simona Rosano

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
In this episode, Simona Rosano shares how she started her website The Grumpy OliveBlog: https://www.thegrumpyolive.com/Helpful Links:How to Start a Blog in 7 StepsHow Being a Podcast Guest Can Build Your Brand & Business101 Ideas to Make Money From Home10 Ways to Promote Your Blog for FreeHow to promote your blog on social media10 ways to  ...  See more
Apr 30 2022

Welcome to the Blaget Friends show!
Simona, welcome to the show! I'm so glad that you could be here today. Could you tell everybody a little bit about your blog?
So I had started blogging under the Grand Piole alias in 2013, December 2013, and that was done
pretty much as a very good on and off relationship, mostly off and on. But you know, like I've started
then and then in 2020, so at the peak of the pandemic in August, I was made redundant from my
job and one of my sisters was like, well, you know, why don't you give it a shot again? I mean,
we're stuck inside anyway, so might as well. So both my sisters had a blog each and I was like,
look, I didn't think I'd feel confident enough to do it by myself. It's just going to be so much work
and I don't think I can not making it the way we ha

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