E24 - Kimberly Young Shares About Homestead Blogging

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
Today, I'm chatting with Kimberly Young about building a homestead and blogging about the process.Guest: Kimberly YoungBlog: www.HackettHillFarm.comSocial media:www.Instagram.com/HackettHillFarmwww.Pinterest.com/HackettHillFarmwww.Facebook.com/HackettHillFarmwww.twitter.com/hackett_hillLike this episode? Buy a girl a drink perhaps? https:  ...  See more
Mar 11 2022

Welcome to the Bloggy Friends show.
What's up, you guys? Famous Ashley Grant here and welcome to the Bloggy Friends show.
Today, I am bringing you Kimberly with Hackett Hill Farm.
Kimberly, welcome to the show.
Thank you so much, Ashley. I'm happy to be here.
I'm excited you're here too. So tell me a little bit about your blog.
So the blog started in 2020 after we purchased our farm in Fairfield, Virginia.
And it really started out as a way to document the renovations that we're doing to the farmhouse.
And so it just kind of grew from there.
I had always wanted to write a blog, but I didn't have anything to write about.
This can gave me that initial step to be like, OK, well, this is something that now I have something interesting to write about.
And it's just kind of more from there.

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