E05 - The Mental Health of Bloggers

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
One thing not enough people talk about is the mental health of bloggers. In this episode, I'm discussing it along with what I do to cope.More Show Notes From This Episode:What’s up my bloggy friends! I'm slowly updating the show notes for this and every episode of The Bloggy Friends Show. My new home base for all things Bloggy Friends can  ...  See more
May 08 2020

Ashley 00:00
One of my favorite sayings in the whole world is you can't give from an empty cup. Though I often fight it. I've been trying to remember and commit to this sentiment over the last several years because of just how true it is. After all, if we're supposed to put on our own oxygen masks first in a dangerous situation, it stands to reason that we must fill up our own cups First, if we hope to have anything to give to others.

Intro 00:28
Welcome to the Bloggy Friends Show.

Ashley 00:38
What's up you guys? Famous Ashley Grant here, and I'm so excited because I'm recording this episode with my brand-new Blue Yeti microphone. I have to tell you guys, I'm totally feeling like a professional podcaster. I know this is only episode number five, but I feel like I've come a long wa

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