E23 - Katrina With Purposeful Healing on Launching a Blog

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
Our guest today is Katrina Chantae. She is a courageous woman who has bounced back from many life tragedies. She launched her blog “Purposeful Healing” to share her journey of healing and purpose. Her blog will take you through her emotional journey and experiences of growing up as a motherless child and repeated unhealthy cycles as an ad  ...  See more
Mar 11 2022

Welcome to the Bloggy Friends show.
What's up, you guys?
Famous Asher Grant here and welcome to the Bloggy Friends show.
I'm so excited to bring you Katrina White today.
We're going to be chatting all about the fact that she is starting her website
from scratch, so I'm very excited to dive right into this.
Katrina, welcome to the show.
Hello. Hello.
So tell us a little bit about what your website is and when it launches.
Now, this this episode should be going live after it's already launched.
But tell us a little bit about it.
So my name is Trisha.
That's the name that I go by for blogging.
And my blog name is purposeful healing.
And it invites you to the journey of me.
So a lot of times we blog about different information,
but this is a personal blog and it's a journey through my healing

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