E20 - Isaac Mashman Jams On Guerrilla Marketing a Blog

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
In this episode, I'm chatting with Isaac Mashman about Guerrilla Marketing a Blog.Isaac Mashman is the founder of Mashman Ventures, a public relations firm specializing in personal branding and is the host of Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman podcast.In less than 4 years Isaac took his personal brand from being digitally inexistent to w  ...  See more
Feb 04 2022

In this episode of Blogging Friends Show, our guest is Isaac Mashman. Isaac is the owner of Mashman Ventures, a public relations firm that focuses on personal branding. Check it out and listen to what he has for us regarding public relations and personal branding advice.

Who is Isaac Mashman?
Isaac runs a Public Relations Firm, Management Ventures, that he launched in 2020. He specializes in personal branding and works on narrowing the gap between corporations and consumers. He also does podcasts and even published a book entitled “Personal Branding: A Manifesto on Fame and Influence.”

Understanding Guerilla Marketing for Bloggers
Guerilla Marketing is a creative form of marketing that uses the surroundings around you. We can take a look at marketing tactics to where we

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