E17 - Dawn Booth Shares Why Wedding Vendors Need Blogs

The Bloggy Friends Show by Ashley Grant
In this episode I'm jammin with Dawn Booth of Epic Events by Booth, Inc. We're talking about why wedding vendors need blogs.More Show Notes From This Episode:What’s up my bloggy friends! I'm slowly updating the show notes for this and every episode of The Bloggy Friends Show. My new home base for all things Bloggy Friends can be found her  ...  See more
Sep 03 2021

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Welcome to the blog is sem show. So I am super, super excited to bring john booth on to the show. Tell me a little bit about what you do. So I'm an event planner and designer, as well as by attending services, and recently, just last year, because of COVID. I am now an ordained minister.

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Ah, that I didn't know. That's exciting. So does that mean you can okay? I'm very dominant. Yes. Sorry, people? No, no, I get that you can marry people. But can you do it virtually? Yes, I can. Oh, you can? Okay, so is the jurisdiction strictly for Florida? Or how does it work?

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So is the jurisdiction is as long as they accept ordained ministers. So as long as it's like ordained, ordained through a church. So if this state allows ordaine

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