A Letter of Love To The Undeserving

Blessed Hope Chapel Treasure Valley Sermon Podcast by Pastor Nick Pinneri

Episode notes

There was a city in the first century Roman Empire that was so debauched, so immoral, and so perverse that one Bible commentator states of it, “It became the most frivolous, dissipated, corrupt, and ultimately the most effeminate and feeble portion of Greece.” Though the Apostle Paul spent a year and six months ministering to the church in this city, the church struggled to be different from the world all around it. In the letter of first Corinthians, we see the Apostle Paul patiently and lovingly walking alongside a carnal church, pleading with them, appealing to them, and hoping they’ll embrace the more excellent way—the way of love. Perhaps one of the most defining verses in the letter is found in first Corinthians 16:14, “Let all that you do be done in love.” If they could only understand that love was the one cure that could bring healing an ... 

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