Faithful To The Word, My Heart’s Desire In Preaching

Blessed Hope Chapel Treasure Valley Sermon Podcast by Pastor Nick Pinneri

Episode notes

In the last chapter of the last letter of the last days of the Apostle Paul’s life he wrote a solemn charge to his dear friend and companion Timothy. The charge is summed up in three simple words—Preach The Word. So simple to understand, yet so difficult at times to carry out. In the midst of satanic opposition, bodily weakness, physical frailties, and personal inadequacies the Apostle Paul adds to the charge—In Season And Out Of Season. In other words, at all times,Timothy be prepared to preach the word and be a faithful minister of God. Preaching is a thrilling task but it must be accompanied with a humble heart, tender tears, a passion for the lost, and a desire to glorify Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless and strengthen His church in these last days, and give shepherds the same heart as the Great Shepherd Jesus Christ.

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