Should African American Women Begin Incorporating A Modern Day Bride Price?

BlackMacho & The SuperWoman Podcast by BlackMachoPodcast

Episode notes
In this episode, we dive into the controversial topic of whether African American women should consider incorporating a modern-day bride price into their wedding traditions. A bride price, also known as lobola, is a longstanding cultural practice in many African societies where the groom's family presents gifts or money to the bride's family as a way to show respect and gratitude for allowing them to marry their daughter.But with the changing times, some people argue that the practice of a bride price has become outdated and reinforces patriarchal norms, while others see it as a way to honor cultural traditions and promote gender equality. In the African American context, some argue that a modern-day bride price could be a way to shift the power dynamic in relationships and create a more equitable partnership between the bride and groom.
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