by Emily Altobelli

Bitterfly with Emily Altobelli explores various lifestyles, personalities, taboos, relationships & sex in our crazy-ass world. Knowledge is food, bitches! Follow along with Emily: Instagram/TikTok - @thebitterflypodcast YouTube - The Bitterfly Podcast 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E35 - NEEFF! Artist & Energy Reader

    S02 E35 - NEEFF! Artist & Energy Reader

    This episode of Bitterfly features LEWIS NEEFF (@im.neeff) a traveling artist, energy reader, and creator of the Mercury Oracle, a divination tarot-like card system.NEEFF gives Emily a card reading. They discuss Tinder, the soul's...

  • S02 E34 - Neurodivergent

    S02 E34 - Neurodivergent

    This week, Dreu Lambarena shares her personal experience of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world.Follow along with Emily: @thebitterflypodcast

  • S02 E33 - My Body, My Choice

    S02 E33 - My Body, My ChoiceExplicit

    Introducing a documentary podcast about 7 women's abortion stories. This episode is dedicated to all uterus-owners [past+present+future].There are two methods of abortion - both discussed within the episode: Pill and surgical. Med...

  • S02 E32 - The Neighbor Upstairs

    S02 E32 - The Neighbor UpstairsExplicit

    Welcome back, bitches! It's Season 2 of The Bitterfly Podcast. This week we've got Jack Moody from The Neighbors Upstairs Podcast to shoot the shit. We discuss Virgo season, the lies people tell you about your 20s, and Emily expla...

  • Season 1

  • S01 E31 - Heal the Soil

    S01 E31 - Heal the SoilExplicit

    Ryan Averhart (@thisisryanphilip) shares his life on the Maui Bees Farm in Maui, HI and Regenerative Agriculture. We discuss how important healthy soil is to our health. Ryan gives us a Breath of Fire tutorial and Grounding Earth ...