by Emily Altobelli

Bitterfly with Emily Altobelli explores various lifestyles, personalities, taboos, relationships & sex in our crazy-ass world. Knowledge is food, bitches! Follow along with Emily: @thebitterflypodcast YouTube - The Bitterfly Podcast

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Confessions of a Hairapist


    Confessions of a Hairapist


    This week Emily interviews her friend Randell about his craft and life but most importantly, the tea he hears from being a cosmetologist. It's juicy guys.Randell spills the lives of his clients via a character named Anastasia Steele, a worldly woman with a crazy life - including adult babies and losing toes. Emily reveals her own story at the end, which has become a part of Anastasia's life. You can follow along with Emily @thebitterflypodcast and Randell on TikTok @Rawdelll

  • Too Young to be Child-Free


    Too Young to be Child-Free


    This week Emily and Cory Ehrlicher breakdown how they came to the decision to be child-free, our natalist culture, and the overall joys of sterility. Check out this episode for first-hand accounts of Cory's vasectomy (29:47) and Emily's bilateral salpingectomy (she got her fallopian tubes removed! 38:03). Follow along with Emily: @thebitterflypodcast

  • NEEFF! Artist & Energy Reader

    NEEFF! Artist & Energy Reader

    This episode of Bitterfly features LEWIS NEEFF (@im.neeff) a traveling artist, energy reader, and creator of the Mercury Oracle, a divination tarot-like card system. NEEFF gives Emily a card reading. They discuss Tinder, the soul's journey, and the dead. He describes some of his energy work, experiences with spirits, and shares how you can connect with your ancestors or pets who have passed away. Book your own reading with NEEFF via DM or pre-order a Mercury Oracle to find your own way! -@im.neeff on Instagram/TikTok -NEEFF on YouTube -Text ORACLE to 855-757-0511 Follow along with Emily: @thebitterflypodcast

  • Neurodivergent


    This week, Dreu Lambarena shares her personal experience of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. Follow along with Emily: @thebitterflypodcast

  • My Body, My Choice


    My Body, My Choice


    Introducing a documentary podcast about 7 women's abortion stories. This episode is dedicated to all uterus-owners [past+present+future]. There are two methods of abortion - both discussed within the episode: Pill and surgical. Medication abortion (also known as the pill) consists of using two different medicines, staggered over-time, to end a pregnancy. In-clinic, surgical abortion is a procedure which uses suction to empty the uterus. Follow along with Emily: @thebitterflypodcast