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Podcast episodes

  • Health & Bitcoin ep.2 with Tristan Scott


    Health & Bitcoin ep.2 with Tristan Scott


    Block 827,334 Tristan (@bitcoinand_beef) and Caribou (@NobodyCaribou) talk about Health & Bitcoin Tristan's Health & Bitcoin journey Definitions of Health Time preference Behaviours as inputs Fiat disease care Thanks for listening!

  • BCN call #4 (1.21.24)


    BCN call #4 (1.21.24)


    Topic: Bitcoin for Business Block 826,711 Agenda: Why is Bitcoin good for business? Accepting Bitcoin payments Sharing stories/cases Onboarding protocols Thanks for listening!

  • Genesis Block Event [1.3.24]


    Genesis Block Event [1.3.24]


    This event is sponsored by Finney21 ( to commemorate, honour and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block . [recorded Jan 3, 2024 @block 824,182] . Caribou (@NobodyCaribou) and Student of Bitcoin (@Studentofbtc) share the story of the genesis block, the meaning behind proof of keys day and the future of self custody, the significance of sound money for humanity and ideas/projects being built on the honest ledger . Finney21 nostr npub: npub1ks2lwal5ewlzpsgvtsc82kteszpyvnjcnfypmzepw5kd3pvaxtaq9fpkex . . Thanks for watching

  • BCN call #3 (12.21.23)

    BCN call #3 (12.21.23)

    Topic: Self Custody Block 822,261, exchange rate: $43,568 usd/btc Agenda: Why is self custody important? Tradeoffs The work of a Bitcoin consultant Tools we use and recommend (hardware & software) Guest: Luke Broyles (to contact Luke Broyles about taking custody of your funds or working with him as a consultant - BCN oath of honour Thanks for listening!

  • Health & Bitcoin ep.1 with Stuart Lackey


    Health & Bitcoin ep.1 with Stuart Lackey


    Stuart (@StuartLackey1) and Cari₿ou (@NobodyCaribou) talk about Bitcoin & Health. They discuss the problem with disease care, fiat incentives, and potential ways Bitcoin can lead us into a healthier world Recorded at block 820,888 Exchange rate at time of recording was $40,811 usd/btc If you enjoy the content, you can support the Bitcoin Stoa by boosting sats through fountain or sharing this episode with a friend who is ready to hear it