Ep. 79 North Sycamore 100: A unique mountain bike challenge!

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Episode notes

In late April, a couple of Des Moines area cyclists, Rob Versteegh and Kyle Sedore, issued a challenge to the community: Ride 100 miles on the North Sycamore Mountain Bike Trail in one day before midnight on May 28, and they'd give you a plate. Not just any plate, but an old one they bought at Salvation Army with a leaf and "100" stenciled on it. Who could resist? I sure couldn't - so with one day to spare, I loaded my car with food and water and met a friend Bruce Reece at the trailhead for a day of circling the 7.5 or 8-mile trail. Of course I'd record it, right? The day after we finished - on the final day of the challenge - I went to an IMBA Women's Mountain Bike Ride (That will be next weeks pod) and met Cora Egherman- who was 33-miles into her Sycamore 100 ride... on a 1990 Trek 800 mountain bike she bought three weeks prior. At 9pm she had ... 

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