Ep. 72 Carl Voss: Bicycle Advocate

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Episode notes
Carl Voss has been an advocate for bikes and trails for fifty years - a few of the things he’s left in his wake include the first mile of paved trail in central Iowa, a community bike-share program, a bike renovation and distribution program, he’s worked with area municipalities to ensure that they work with each other in planning trails and bike routes so they all connect, he’s promoted bike to work day and grown it to be an entire month, he started an annual bike art show…and he’s finally found a seat on the Des Moines City Council! I could go on and on - Carl’s advocacy and work is a lesson for us all to roll up our sleeves and get to work to… as I’ve heard him say for many years - put more butts on bikes…. 

Carl and I met in a back room of Chain and Spoke coffee - it’s sole intent to to be available for small  ...   ...  Read more
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