Ep. 68 Rattlesnake Gravel Grind Recap

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Episode notes
The Rattlesnake Gravel Grind, held on March 24 - 26, 2023, in Sweetwater, TX was a weekend of gravel riding, music, food, camping and fun. We were invited down for some good ol' west Texas hospitality - and this is our experience! Dave and his wife Dee hauled their tandem down I-35, set up their tent in the Sweetwater Lake Campground and had a weekend filled with memories that will last a lifetime and new friendships that will as well. After the windy gravel ride, Dave grabbed his microphone and talked with the 110=mile winners Emily Newsom (and her husband James!), Justin McQuerry as well as others who rode or helped make the event happen, plus race founder David King - and we are played out by a local band: The Backroads West! And as a special treat, Dee joined in on the episode i ...   ...  Read more