Ep. 60 David King & Jimmy Hendrix: The Rattlesnake Gravel Grind

Bike Talk with Dave: All things bike! Bikepacking, cyclocross, gravel, mountain bike, road & events by Dave Mable

Episode notes

Yes, Jimmy Hendrix, but with a bike, not a guitar! David and Jimmy have crafted a 30, 60 & 100+ mile gravel race through the power-producing (wind and oil) west Texas hill country - and don't worry, the Rattlesnake Round-up is the week prior to this weekend-long celebration, so the likelyhood of seeing this race's namesake is very low! The Rattlesnake Gravel Grind is an entire weekend of activities, with music, food (breakfast every day!), , beer, camping and riding is planned for March 24-26. 25-30 mile Shakedown rides on Friday and Sunday with the main event on Saturday. Join pros Emily Newsom, Laurens ten Dam and more on this beautiful west Texas groadio.

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