Ep. 57. Fabian Sarralta: Gravel Locos Race Director

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Episode notes

Gravel Locos: "The biggest race you've never heard of." Betsy Welch - VeloNews.

Fabian Sarralta, who came to America from Cuba with his family when he was eight, started riding gravel events in 2016 and loved the challenge, camaraderie and acceptance of the sport so much he began hosting his own race only a few years later. His first event, in Hico, Texas, now attracts top pros from around the U.S., as well as around the world and is known for it's scenic (read: challenging) courses, unique awards, and grassroots feel. The race now encompasses two events, the second in Pueblo, Colorado, and both exemplify the grass-roots spirit of gravel. Thank you to Fabian for sharing his story and how he works to continually offer the kind of event that attracted him to the sport in 2016. Follow Gravel Locos on Instagram and Facebook or register at

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