Ep. 54 Steve McGuire and the Bike Lab

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Episode notes

This week, I’ve put together a double episode - Episode 53, which you might have just listened to, is a recent conversation with a bike packing fat biker who crafts his purpuse-built bikes at the University of Iowa Bike Lab. 12 years ago he started the bike building curriculem that we'll hear about in detail in this episode. I met our guest, Steve McGuire, In 2019 as he was riding the Iditarod Trail with his Friend Judd Rowler. I was intregued with his program, and wanted to include it in my film 1000 Miles to Nome. After we got home from Alaska I made the trip to Iowa City to hear about the program - so what you've got here is that conversation.

Steve is quietly one of the most interesting and well traveled bike packers I know - and that program at the university of Iowa makes me want to go back for my masters! You can read about it

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