Ep. 53 Steve McGuire: Fatbiker, Adventurer, Bikepacker, Professor: Bicycle Fabrication & Design

Bike Talk with Dave: All things bike! Bikepacking, cyclocross, gravel, mountain bike, road & events by Dave Mable

Episode notes

As the Director of Art and Art History at the University of Iowa, wove his passion for long, challenging, cold bike rides together with the U of I curriculum. The result was a now world renown bike building set of classes known as Bike I and Bike II. Teaching a bike building class also allows him the opportunity to build bikes of his own design for his use in his favorite type of bike races: Winter Ultra-Endurance Bikepacking events. His travels have taken him from the frozen rivers and mountains of the Iditarod Trail, to the sub-zero Canadian Bordertown of International Falls, Minnesota on the Arrowhead 135. He's also ridden from Fairbanks, Alaska to his home in Iowa City, and most recently a north-south crossing of the remote Icelandic interior. This episode was recorded in January of 2023. In our extra episode, No. 54, we had a 2019 discussion ... 

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