Episode no. 51 Annabelle Santerre: Arctic Guide, Skier, Mountain biker and rock climber

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Episode notes

This the winter edition of Bike Talk with Dave as I get to dive into the frigid world of Arctic travel with someone I met on the chairlift during a recent trip to Colorado. Annabelle Santerre. What caught my attention was when she used the words North Pole during her elevator speech about what she does. We connected on instagram, where I discovered her active life of extreme sports - skiing, arctic expedition training, rock climbing and, of course - mountain biking! I couldn’t help but ask her on - and I hope you enjoy our conversation

I’d encourage you to follow Annabelle’s adventures on instagram, Facebook and YouTube. just look for AnnaBScooby. Also, click on her website at annabellesanterre.com and say Yes to her next trip to the Arctic Circle!

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