Ep. 47 Chris Namba: Squid Bikes

Bike Talk with Dave: All things bike! Bikepacking, cyclocross, gravel, mountain bike, road & events by Dave Mable

Episode notes

Chris Namba was one of the four founders of the creatively painted and high performance bicycle brand known as Squid Bikes. Built and painted in the U.S.A., Namba and his partners founded the brand as an idea to help fund a season of racing and build a creatively painted line of bikes. Nearly a decade later Squid Bikes offer dozens of options for gravel, cyclocross, road and mountain bikes, each individually and uniquely hand painted with a rattle can (Spray Bike). When Namba isn't managing the bike brand or painting bikes, he can be found wrenching for the Blue Competition/Stages Cycling Team during the Cyclocross Season, and with Team U.S.A. on the mountain bike circuit. Follow Squid on instagram at www.instagram.com/squidbikes or online at

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