Ep. 82 Susan DeMattei

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Episode notes
Susan DeMattei was among the first generation of mountain bikers to compete in UCI World Cup races, World Championships and in the Olympics. While NORBA was the top level of competition in the 1980's, the UCI jumped on the fat-tired bandwagon in the 1990's. Susan DeMattei began competing in the NORBA races in the U.S. in the 1980's, which led her to two UCI Mountain Bike World Championship silver medals in the early 1990's and eventually to the Olympic Games first Mountain Bike race in 1996, earning a bronze medal and solidifying her place in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. In late May, we connected to discuss the early development of mountain biking as well as the importance of encouraging w0men to discover the joys of mountain biking today (or any cycling!). Susan is married to fellow Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, David Wie ...   ...  Read more
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