Good Girl Gone Goddess- De-construction, Spirituality, Feminine Embodiment,Sex Positivity, WahineExplicit

by U'ilani Tevaga - Trauma-informed Somatic Healing,Intuitive Facilitation

Welcome to the Good Girl Gone GODDESS podcast!

A soft place to land when you begin to question it all

During a time of great awakenings

This show will focus on the exploration of personal truths not dogma

Nor is its a dig at religion itself

We will instead dive into the history of ancient worship and rituals of women

Along with modern stories of everyday wahine who are intentionally rec ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • 1. Welcome to Beyond The Reef

    1. Welcome to Beyond The Reef

    Welcome to the very first episode of Beyond The Reef. My name is U'ilani Tevaga and I am deeply passionate about helping driven Island Women. A little background about my lifeʻs journey thus far My intentions for this space moving forward Get In Touch: Become an INSIDER: Email: on Instagram @uilanitevaga

  • 2. You can't pay with ALOHA, Mama

    2. You can't pay with ALOHA, Mama

    [In This Episode You'll Learn] Why you aren't experiencing your next level abundance. How we normalized being broke. Lack mindset stemming from our childhood. Stop serving fear over potential. Challenging your comfort zone so you can rise! Let's Connect: Become an INSIDER: Email: on Instagram @uilanitevaga

  • 3. Unpacking the hidden gifts of 2020 as an Island Women

    3. Unpacking the hidden gifts of 2020 as an Island Women

    [In This Episode You'll Learn] 2020 vision. Reframing and unpacking the gifts of this crazy year Getting quiet and finding more clarity What do I actually believe about myself? Get In Touch: Become an INSIDER: Email: on Instagram @uilanitevaga

  • 4. #TeamTevaga - Comparison Doesn't Taste Good

    4. #TeamTevaga - Comparison Doesn't Taste Good

    Meet the Husband (Marvin) All things about being "that couple" and our take on highlight reels Stop comparing, everyone is in a different chapter Social media is like a living business card Being inter-dependent, supporting one another's ambitions Get In Touch: Become an INSIDER: Email: on Instagram @uilanitevaga

  • 5. Wahine supporting Wahine is ANCIENT

    5. Wahine supporting Wahine is ANCIENT

    What is a MANA WAHINE with guests Hāwane & Mehana! WA HINE- What makes us the way we are? Feminine energy birthed this land. We are direct reflections of the Divine. “A movement is only as strong as the women who carry it” - PUA CASE BRING THE HINA - Feminine Energy Knowing that you have a PLACE the seat of power come from the womb. We have lived their lives because we can lived in their bodies. The generations we have lived. Connected to this land WE ARE ANCIENT. Our bodies hold migration stories… so when we question our worthiness… we only need to turn inward as Indigenous women… it reaffirms our own MAULI OLA. Every time we hear stories of PELE, POLIAHU, we are reaffirmed in our MANA. The more we RECLAIM our stories, our genealogies, the EA through the LENSE of our kūpuna, the more we Liberate the next seven generations. WE ARE PAPA, and PAPA is us. This is our work, our kuleana. Our work is ceremonial. Seeing your kupuna on the Kuʻē Petition, reminding yourself of their esilience. What is ACTIVISM… how can you ACTIVATE? What do you choose when there are so many? Looks different for everyone. KULEANA we ALL have it EA-teaching our children the names of the currents that raised them The people who stand need SUPPORT THIS IS ABOUT COMMUNITY Support those who have made this work their lifeʻs work. How are you going to EA? NOW THAT YOU KNOW, do you CARE? SKIN FOLK aren’t always KIN folk. Coloniazation has dug its heels, Divide and conquer (ʻaʻama crab syndrome) Hawane shares the HURT of being the face of movement…shares her resilience Skin is now as thick as the MANŌ skin on the pahu He kīhoʻihʻoʻi kanawai… PELE teaches us about being unapologetic about her power and about getting boundaries. EVERYONE needs healing and everyone needs to be responsible for their own healing We need to get to EA in the healthiest way possible. LAUGHTER is healing The ability to find joy and laughter in even the most intense moments… SERVING REALNESS In ADORNMENT like our Kūpuna To feel beautiful, to feel empowered, fierce…ceremony. FOR THE NEXT GENERATION: WE are here for a reason. To heal form everything that was taken from us. HALE ʻO PAPA ,WAHINE supporting Wahine is ANCIENT that is what LĀHUI is about. LET'S CONNECT Become an insider: Email: Instagram: @uilanitevaga Resources: @mehanaokala @hawanemusic Download Hāwaneʻs Album on iTunes: Kū Kiʻai Mauna-Together We Rise learn more about MAUNA KEA @protectmaunakea watch the documentary @standingabovetheclouds Donate: