Beyond The KnifeExplicit

by Salvatore Cavaliere

Why go under the knife to feel and look beautiful? Go beyond it. Dr. Sal Cavaliere talks all things health and wellness, while unleashing surprising medical facts.

Podcast episodes

  • Cut the Fat.

    Cut the Fat.

    How does Bodytite work? How to keep and maintain beautiful results? Dr. Sal Cavaliere talks about the cognitive behavioral changes that one can achieve with a little commitment and discipline.

  • The Preventable Wrinkle.

    The Preventable Wrinkle.

    In this episode, Dr. Sal gets down to the "nitty-gritty" about why our skin wrinkles, and how we can prevent wrinkles from forming. He also speaks about the specific procedures that can be used to help prevent the sight of wrinkles such as: Necklifts, FaceTite/NeckTite, and chemical peels.

  • Food of America

    Food of America

    How America's food industry is causing an increase in obesity throughout the United States. Dr. Sal talks about what and what not to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Meet The Doc

    Meet The Doc

    Dr. Sal gives a brief self-introduction and why he decided to make a podcast.