Beyond Numbers: Covid19 and Society

by COVINFORM project

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic go far beyond physical health, challenging our well-being and mental health. But did it affect everyone the same? It is clear that the pandemic also uncovered and deepened the already existing inequalities in our society. This podcast is dedicated to examining those inequalities and the impact that different measures have on different groups. This podcast is an activity of COVINFORM, a pr ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • 5: Community voices - Bringing it all together

    5: Community voices - Bringing it all together

    How were different communities impacted by the COVID19 pandemic? On the fifth podcast episode we will listen to a series of stories from civil society organisations shedding light on the experiences of vulnerable groups during the pandemic. The experts on today's episode, James Edwards and Madalena Ricoca-Peixoto, will draw conclusions from the stories and showcase lessons learnt from the COVID19 pandemic.

  • 4: Inequality - Gender, Mental Health & Migration

    4: Inequality - Gender, Mental Health & Migration

    Was everyone affected in the same way by the Covid19 pandemic? The fourth episode provides a more detailed inspection of multiple areas of inequality and discussion on the Covid19 impact. The experts on the topics of gender (Dr Sara Clavero), mental health (Nuno Marques) and migration (Dr Lore Van Praag) will explore the nuances of their given topic of expertise and elaborate on how the pandemic influenced the society.

  • 3: Data, Interpretation & Misinformation

    3: Data, Interpretation & Misinformation

    What is the infodemic, and how to make data science more inclusive? The third episode of Beyond Numbers: Covid19 and Society podcast will be about numbers. But not only them! During the pandemic, we were confronted with an unprecedented amount of data. Daily cases, death rates or vaccination effectiveness. The experts of today's episode, Diotima Bertel and Dr Niamh Aspell, will discuss many topics related to data and data interpretation, such as the rise of misinformation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and surprisingly memes.

  • 2: Communication & Public Health Campaigns

    2: Communication & Public Health Campaigns

    How to make communication inclusive? And what are the good and bad practices when communicating measures and policies during the Covid19 pandemic? The second episode of the Beyond Number: Covid19 and Society podcast will focus on summarising the importance of inclusive communication during a crisis such as the pandemic. You can look forward to our experts, Dr Susan Anson and Marva Arabatzi, discussing topics such as behaviour change, misinformation, inclusive communication and many more. Last but not least, our special guest, Panagiotis Alefragis, the Head of Digital & 360 Advertising Director at the Newtons Laboratory, will share his first-hand experience with creating public health campaigns in Greece.

  • 1: Intersectionality & Vulnerability

    1: Intersectionality & Vulnerability

    How did the pandemic measures impact vulnerable groups? And how can we use the theory of intersectionality to understand the impact of different pandemic measures? The first episode of the Beyond Numbers: Covid19 and Society podcast will focus on situating the pandemic in the context of societal inequalities. You can look forward to a discussion with our experts, Dr Viktoria Adler and Jil Molenaar, unwrapping the theory on intersectionality and vulnerability and sharing examples of how the pandemic affected some groups of people more than others.